Welcome To HumbleLibra!

Welcome to my new blog HumbleLibra! For many years I have been inspired by blog writers and have always wanted to have a shot at creating my own online space. I enjoy the idea of cuddling up with a hot drink and becoming engrossed in a wonderful blog.
Ever since I was little I have always enjoyed writing. There is something so calming and beautiful about writing (or typing in this case) your innermost thoughts. 

I want this blog to be personal to me, a little piece of my personality. And for that reason I will only be writing about thing I feel passionate about or things I would want to read myself. 

I must also add that this blog will be anonymous for now.  That may change in the future, but for now there will definitely be no selfies! However, I will always try to include lots of pictures as I love capturing a moment in time. 

That is all have to say for now. I hope you stick around to read future blog posts and join me on this crazy journey called life.

Best wishes,
HumbleLibra x

Come and say hi!;
Twitter: @ZoesPumpkins  



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